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A monthly fee of $275* will include the following services:

  • 24-hour medical emergency call system
  • Trash removal
  • Pest control
  • Lawn/landscape care
  • Use of the Clubhouse facility
  • Planned activities
  • Home delivery for pharmaceuticals

Exterior maintenance

  • Windows and Screens—monthly maintenance checks
  • Roof—monthly maintenance check for loose shingles
  • Gutters & Downspouts—monthly maintenance check

Interior maintenance

  • Plumbing and water associated items—includes monthly check of all interior plumbing.
  • Electrical—Monthly check of GFCI plugs throughout house.
  • Air Conditioner—includes quarterly check of water drain, monthly change of air filter, and bi-annual cleaning.
  • Appliances—includes monthly check of microwave, dishwasher; and stove. Also, includes monthly check of garbage disposal and water line to ice maker.
  • Carpet—includes assistance with cleaning stains or dirty spots on carpet. Does not include regular cleaning of carpets throughout the house.
  • Painting—includes repairing and touching up any small damage done to walls. Rooms can be repainted for a minimal fee.
  • Doors and Cabinets—monthly check of all door and cabinet handles.
  • Garage Opener—semi-annual maintenance check and lubrication when necessary.
  • Smoke Alarms—semi-annual replacement of battery.

The services provided represent an estimated retail value of over $400 /month.
* This fee may be adjusted periodically due to the cost of operational increases.

Optional Services: Discounted daily meals.

Pet Policy: Household pets are allowed at no additional fee.

Taxes and Insurance: The resident is responsible for property taxes on the home, liability insurance, and coverage on the home's contents. Taxes on the land, and Fire and Extended Coverage Insurance is paid for by THE HEIGHTS for all homes.

Continuum of Care: In order to provide a continuous series of care, priority will be given to residents of THE HEIGHTS as to the availability for a higher level of care through HEARTHSIDE our Assisted Living facility on campus.